A Guide to Planning a Perfect Birthday Party

Your child’s birthday is around the corner, and you want to make sure their day is special and full of smiles. You may feel overwhelmed with all the details, from food to decor to venue. Know that if you use this guide, you’ll be able to walk through the steps stress-free. You might even enjoy the process of planning!

Choose a Theme

An older child may know exactly what theme they’d like, and that makes this first step pretty easy. But if your child is younger, doesn’t know, or you’d like to surprise your child, consider favorite characters, toys, interests, or places they love. For example, a younger child might be more drawn to cartoon or toy themes, while an older child may enjoy a science lab or fancy and frilly Parisian theme. The sky is the limit, but pick one and keep the thematic element alive in all aspects of the party. 

Determine your Guest List

This is an essential step to tackle early on, so your plans stay in control and in budget. Everything relies on the number of guests you’ll have- food, venue considerations, cake size, favors, and activities. 

Here are some questions you’ll want to consider.

  1. How many guests does your budget allow?
  2. Do you prefer a big or small party?
  3. Can your home or preferred venue accommodate your invitees?

Once you determine your budget and how many people that allows, then your child can join you in the process of helping select who to invite within the parameters you created. 

Choose a Venue

You may either love or loathe doing parties at home. While a home party has the advantage of being a familiar surrounding for your child and friends, monitoring so many people in your home, not to mention the setup and cleanup can be stressful. You may want to consider a venue like Sweet Bites Baking School to handle everything on the party day from start to finish. We will provide and set up themed decor (upon availability or what you provide for unique themes), set up the tables, provide the food and drinks, do a fun cookie or cake decorating lesson to keep kids entertained, and even have options to offer a professionally decorated cake that will be a showstopper. The fun happens at our place, and then you get to go home to a quiet home to recover from it all!

Choose your Food

It may seem easy to pick out kid-friendly food, but many children have food allergies and dietary restrictions. Parents of your guests will likely disclose this information, or you may want to include a note with your invitation of what will be served and to let you know if there are any allergies or restrictions you should be aware of. Our venue provides two different food options and allows for outside food, making it easy to accommodate everyone on your guest list. 

Make a Day-of List

Party day will be lots of fun, but it’s also going to be easy to forget things in the excitement and busyness of the day’s preparation and events. Create a day-of checklist for yourself for any reminders you need to keep top of mind like:

  • Cake pick up 
  • Decor packing and setup
  • Food to order, prepare, or pick up
  • Texting people who are “maybes” that forgot to confirm
  • Any games to set up 

Sweet Bites Baking School offers three convenient party packages, so you can stress less and enjoy your child’s special day more. Visit our party page to learn about options that will take the cake when it comes to a successful, fun-filled day.

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